Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Post Inauguration Politics with Mika Brzezinski

CREW DC President, Betsy Karmin, welcomed all the luncheon attendees, thanked the sponsors and introduced the CREW DC Board of Directors.
Betsy also announced that the new website is live and thanked Susan Denner for her hard work getting it up and running.
Other announcements included that the February Breakfast with the Stars is sold out.
And the CREW DC February Luncheon on the topic of adaptive reuse will be held at a new venue, the Grand Hyatt Washington.

Betsy introduced Mika Brzezinski, co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Mika gave her thoughts on Hillary Clinton and Governor Christie. Good and bad. She also said that maybe the President should have cut more deals over the last 4 years instead of trying to always “be right.”

Mika also stated her opinion that there are not enough women at the top levels of the White House. And that needs to change. 

But, the real issue is equal pay. When Mika started on Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough actually made 14x her salary. She would ask herself, “What am I doing wrong that he makes that much more than me?” She thought of all the avenues she could take to rectify this glaringly obvious delta:
1.) She could go to court
2.) Be a victim
3.) Accept it

And all the while the show was suffering. She and Joe were divided. And then she consulted family and friends for advice. She learned that:
First: Stop apologizing for everything.
Second, don’t play the victim. Just because it’s “your problem” doesn’t make it “my problem.”
And third, always leave “your drama” at the door.

You want more money? You want more perks? More vacation? Then you better start showing “your value” with real numbers. Bring your spreadsheets to your interview or your review. Get ready to show everyone what you have brought to the organization. Women work so hard for so many years and then they forgot to tell people about it. Men never make that mistake. They tell everyone and their mother about their successes. Why shouldn’t women do the same? Want to know what your peers make? Ask them. You would be surprised when they tell you.

Women follow rules. Men just put it on the table.

After all those lessons, Mika now makes 10x what she used to make when she started.