The mission of the District Alliance for Safe Housing, Inc. (DASH) is to ensure access to safe and sustainable refuge for victims of domestic violence through the development and management of safe housing and related services, while increasing the capacity of other community-based organizations to expand housing for victims throughout the District of Columbia.


DASH is addressing the overwhelming lack of housing and social services for victims of domestic violence and their children in the District by providing safety and necessary resources. DASH helps women and children rebuild their lives on their own terms. DASH has the following three goals:

  • Develop safe housing for domestic violence victims and their families to ensure safety from violence and promote living without fear of abuse;
  • Deliver targeted housing resources to victims and their families to improve access to safe, affordable housing; and,
  • Provide training and technical assistance among community-based programs to increase safe housing for victims and enhance the overall well-being and safety for women and children in the District.


CREW has been committed to helping DASH achieve its mission by providing grants that will assist them with developing safe housing for victims of domestic violence by providing grants and in kind donations.

View DASH DC website at www.dashdc.org