The mission of Our Place, DC is to support women who are or have been in the criminal justice system by providing the resources they need to maintain connections with the community, resettle after incarceration, and reconcile with their families. Our Place helps women remain drug- and alcohol-free, obtain decent housing and jobs, gain access to education, secure resources for their children, and maintain physical and emotional health.

They offer women who are DC residents and who have been incarcerated the opportunity to create individual plans for reintegration by identifying the resources they feel they need to succeed. Staff at Our Place assists them to achieve their goals by providing them with the resources they need either by offering it onsite or linking women to other organizations that do.

Through their work, they have recognized that women identify housing and employment as the two factors of most concern to them as they set out to begin the reintegration process. A host of other concerns quickly emerge, and Our Place has created a range of programs and services to address those needs.

CREW DC has been committed to the helping Our Place, DC achieve its mission by providing grants that will assist them in providing resources to formerly incarcerated women by providing grants and in kind donations.

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