Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Equalizing Leadership: A Conversation with Marie C. Wilson

Sadhvi Subramanian welcomed all the luncheon attendees and introduced renowned leading feminist and social challenger, Marie Wilson. Marie Wilson is the Founder of the White House project, Foundation for Women, and Take Our Daughters to Work Day. She addressed the audience on the duty of women to lead and the power of diverse and equal leadership in politics and business today.

With regards to the roles of women in today’s workplace, it is important to have a diverse group of women. Women are typically known as the trend spotters, not the trend setters, in the workplace. And women often do or help others do the right thing in the workplace. According to some new research in the field of science, there are some studies showing the genetic links in compatibility between male and female brains. Marie quipped, “Show me a woman without guilt, and I’ll show you a man!” The audience emphatically agreed with laughter and applause. But, the fact is h regards to moving forward in the workplace.

Historically men don’t really have guilt issues, hence their ability to continue moving forward on a proje centers in our brains that prompt us to evaluate issues and/or solutions longer than men. This is not necessarily a bad or good there was some backlash by the media about women in the workplace, after that the media referred to it as the “Opt-Out Revolution” in which were women going home to be full time mothers. Now the term is comically referred to as the “Last Conspiracy” in reference to what it means to be a good mother in this day and age. So, the question remains, how do we, as successful women, create opportunity for ourselves? Start by recognizing the skills that you possess and you genuinely enjoy using - That way you can look to the future and actually see yourself enjoying it whether it be in or out of the workplace.

Marie made a personal plea to the audience to one: make a commitment to inspire other people and, two: run for office!

Nine out of ten candidates running for legislative office are men, because women don't step up to those roles like they should. You want to affect change? Run for office! How do you start in politics? Volunteer with a campaign. Decide what and where your issues are. Go see your local politicians speak and sponsor women in positive ways.

She also asked that the audience think of 5 people in our lives who encourage us and tell us the real and sometimes harsh truth.

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