Thursday, September 20, 2012
Loved to Death; The Plan for Restoring the National Mall

Chad Tiedemann, Partner, Holland & Knight

Chip Akridge, Chairman, Trust for the National Mall and Chairman, Akridge
Lindsay Shulman Pugh, Director of Corporate Relations, Trust for the National Mall
Teresa Durkin, Senior Project Director, Trust for the National Mall

Chip Akridge, the ever passionate National Mall Chairman, kicked off the panel with a personal story about his long-time running routine along the mall describing awestruck moments of watching the sun rise over the Capital building all while dodging dead bodies in doorways. This mix of humor embedded in the story of the historical plight of the National Mall set the stage for a captivating presentation.

Teresa Durkin, Senior Project Director, and Lindsay Shulman Pugh, Director of Corporate Relations, both with Trust for the National Mall, rounded out the panel. Details of the winning design competitions were revealed, and Teresa described the next steps that National Parks Services is taking to engage these top architecture firms in transforming their concepts into reality. OLIN & Weiss/Manfredi’s idea of an amphitheater accommodating any size and any type of event at the Washington Monument Grounds allows for flexibility and great enjoyment of the monument. Rogers Marvel Architects teamed with Peter Walker and Partners for the design competition of Constitution Gardens. The vision for this current dead zone in the middle of the Mall is to feature a pavilion for programs, a restaurant, and actual gardens! The design plans to utilize the lake as a seasonal activity center offering boating and ice skating.

Considering more than 25 million people from all over the world visit the National Mall each year, sustainable funding and maintenance are essential in creating a legacy that endures for decades to come. Lindsay Shulman Pugh’s shared the Trust’s fundraising plans including long-term partnerships with corporations such as Coca Cola. Congress, especially the Secretary of the Interior, is also supporting the National Mall with millions of dollars dedicated to restoration and maintenance. With the National Parks Services’ 100th anniversary approaching in 2016, the Trust and the Parks are committed to completing the major restoration projects in time to celebrate.

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