CREW DC Awards annually recognize individuals and companies who excel in commercial real estate.  We focus on people making positive changes on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.  We highlight people and companies making significant business deals and delivering exceptional projects in our metro area.   

The 2021 Award Event was held on December 2, 2021. Participants attended multiple in-person Watch Parties hosted by our sponsors.


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2021 Awards Presented by

Individual Awards

WOMAN OF IMPACT (CREW DC Member, woman, more than 25 years of experience) 
This prestigious award recognizes a senior level, highly successful woman who has broken multiple barriers in the commercial real estate industry. She has the authority and power to move the needle, is respected for her accomplishments within her organization as well as the industry and has forged a path for the next generation of leaders. This woman has leveraged her network to encourage other women to pursue personal and professional opportunities to advance their careers in the commercial real estate industry. 

CHAMPION (CREW DC Member, woman, 10-25 years of experience)
This award recognizes an outstanding mid-level professional who excels in her own career and provides support and encouragement to the professional development of peers and colleagues.  This woman demonstrates extraordinary talent within her organization and is paving the way for others to follow.  She is a tenacious leader in the commercial real estate industry who empowers and inspires through mentorship, guidance and engagement with her peers.

EMERGING LEADER (CREW DC Member, woman, less than 10 years of experience)
The Emerging Leader award recognizes an up-and-coming professional, for her contributions and commitment to the industry. This woman shows exemplary achievements and demonstrates outstanding professional accomplishments within her organization, actively working to guide and inspire those around her.  This woman, from whom we anticipate big things, distinguishes herself as a go-getter with a unique outlook on the industry; a woman we see blazing into the future with character, grit and a dedication to growth.

GAME-CHANGER (CREW Members and Non-Members, man, senior level)
The Game-Changer Award recognizes a senior-level executive who consistently demonstrates commitment to advancing women, serving as a catalyst for change in their company and throughout the industry. Qualified nominees have a track record of implementing transformative programs such as cultural training, equity initiatives and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in their companies. 

RAISE UP YOUR VOICE (CREW Members and Nonmembers, woman or man)
Awarded to an individual who exemplifies a strong commitment to social, economic and political equity by raising up and joining our voices for equity in commercial real estate.  They support the drive for equity through active engagement, education and policy reform to encourage diversity and reduce racial disparities. They are a voice for inclusivity on the pathway to more fair and just systems in our communities. This leader demonstrates an exceptional ability to motivate change, making valuable contributions to promote the right for equal opportunities for all. This award is given to a distinguished individual exhibiting outstanding leadership and determination in the movement for equity in commercial real estate.

Team Awards

PROJECT EXCELLENCE AWARD (CREW DC Member involvement required)
The Project Excellence Award recognizes a notable project that incorporates leading edge sustainability, health and wellness, and community engagement/community improvement.  Designations like WELL Building, FITWELL, and LEED are a plus.  The project should exemplify innovation in ESG principals (Environmental, Social, Governance) resourcefulness, collaboration, and industry best practices. Projects in this category include public or private sector mixed use, office, retail, multifamily (apartment, condominium), industrial or any combination thereof located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Interiors, ground up development, renovations, adaptive re-use all qualify for consideration. The team may include CREW members from any Qualified Field of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) as well as any category of CREW membership (Full, Associate, Affiliate, etc.).  Submissions must demonstrate CREW DC member involvement. Project must have been completed between June 2020 and May 2021. 

DEAL MAKING AWARD (CREW DC Member involvement required)
The Deal Making Award recognizes a team where a project/deal  of significance engaged and involved multiple CREW members.  This deal is worthy of note for the degree of networking, collaboration and engagement of CREW members as well as its industry impact.   Projects/deals in this category include any of the following: sale/acquisition, lease, development, construction/design/engineering, financing, asset/property management  in mixed use, office, retail, multifamily (apartment, condominium), industrial or any combination thereof located in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The team may include CREW members from any Qualified Field of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) as well as any category of CREW membership. (Full, Associate, Affiliate, etc.).  Submissions must demonstrate/document the CREW Members’ involvement.  Deal must have been completed between June 2020 and May 2021.

Keys to a strong Award Submission:

Individual award submissions should include a professional bio or CV, and a narrative description of the nominee’s accomplishments/successes. You need to describe the way in which they fulfill the requirements of the award. You should include a professional headshot and links to the nominee’s Linked In and/or website bio.  We strongly suggest you include the nominee’s input on their career and history, as well as input from others who can provide examples of the nominees accomplishments and successes.  You should list those who contributed to putting the nomination together.  Work together for a strong submission on behalf of your nominee.  

Project and Deal Making submissions must include a list of all CREW DC members involved in the project or deal, and the role they played with a link to their Linked In Profile or company website bio.  You must include a narrative description of the project or deal.  You may include marketing materials, but they alone are not sufficient.  You must describe how this particular project or deal fulfills the requirements of the award. Project or Deal team members should work together to make a strong submission on their behalf.

Qualified Fields of Commercial Real Estate (QFCRE) are defined by CREW Network and include:

Asset Management
Business Dev. (100% CRE firm)
Commercial Insurance
Commercial Lending
Construction Mgmt/General Contracting
Corporate Real Estate
Cost Segregation
Economic Development
CRE Executive
Facility Management
Human Resources
Interior Design/Space Planning
Investment Management
Investor Relations
Land Surveying
Land Use Planning and Zoning
Market Research
Program/Project Management
Property Management
Public Sector
Quasi-Governmental Transportation and Port Authorities
Real Estate Development
Relocation Services
Risk Management