Membership Committee

The Membership Committee works to increase engagement with existing members and serves as the welcome team and ambassadors for new members. They host the virtual New Member Meetup on the last Wednesday of every month at 11AM and they collaborate with Member Services on a 'CREW Changed My Life' event.  Their primary focus is personalized, direct outreach to members, former members, future members.  Monthly Meeting/Call - 2nd Wednesdays @ 9AM.  



Design Consultant, National Solutions
Business Development Manager, Allsteel

Committee Members

Director, Development, Hines Securities
Business Development Representative
Sr. Director of Business Development, Pritchard Industries, Inc.
Director, Jackson & Campbell, P.C.
SVP, EagleBank
Senior Vice President, Cushman & Wakefield
Director of Real Estate, Capital Automotive
Director of Business Development, ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC
Associate Director, Newmark

Board Liaison

Executive Director, Strategy & Acquisition, Coakley & Williams Construction