President's Message

February 11, 2022

Connecting with Your CREW Community

We strive to be a welcoming and inclusive organization for all. As one of the largest CREW Network chapters worldwide, I understand some have found it difficult to navigate the organization and find their CREW. I want to assure you there are many ways to make CREW DC work for you. We are building a community for commercial real estate women to come together over priorities we care about – offering you the chance to act on your passions, interests, and needs with one another in the industry at every stage of your career.

First, keep an eye out for the Weekly Update email each Friday highlighting upcoming news and events, so you never miss out. Bookmark this page: to see and sign up for upcoming CREW DC and CREW Network events. Follow us on social media (links below). 

CREW DC Committees offer members a focused opportunity to engage with a smaller group within our community and help shape the direction of our chapter. Our committees provide networking, programming, professional development, recruit members and sponsors, engage in student outreach, recognize and celebrate member accomplishments, and move our CREW forward. Time and effort required in a committee may be small, medium or large – depending on your preference, specific tasks at hand, and the committee’s unique purpose. Committee members and co-chairs tell me the value they receive is multiples on the effort they put in. 

It’s easy to find a committee that matches your interest and your available time. You can join at any point in the year, and you can try out one or more committees before making a firm commitment. Check the website here: for a brief description, then reach out to any Chair or Board Member – or contact Kathy to get some help figuring out what matches your interests. 

We also host a New Member Meet Up the last Wednesday of every month. (February’s is here) I encourage all new members and longer-term members to attend. We connect with each other, we share our CREW stories, and we review the latest about what CREW can do for you. It’s a fun and easy way to connect and learn.

If you’re still feeling lost and want help making a connection, let’s talk. Reach out to me or another member of the Board and let us help make CREW DC work for you. CREW offers something different for each of us and it’s a community for ALL of us!

Stephanie Duncan - CREW DC President
Chief Operating Officer, Stonebridge 

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