What’s Happening with CREW Network

February 17, 2022

An update from the Winter Leadership Summit

Miriam Brodie – CREW DC President-Elect
Vice President, Kimley-Horn

Kelli Dickerson – CREW DC Board Director
Vice President, BentallGreenOak

Did you know that CREW DC and all its members are part of the global CREW Network? We are your delegates to CREW Network in 2022—and want to share with you here the latest news from the CREW Network Leadership Summit, held on February 3 & 4 in Tampa, Florida.

Engagement Opportunities: There are terrific opportunities to engage at the CREW Network level:

  • March 3: Global Voices: CRE Women Talk Leadership Webinar
  • March 8:  International Women’s Day Event: Defying Gravity, Championing Gender Equity: Ellen Ochoa, first Latina astronaut
  • Other CREW Network Events are here – all members are welcome!
  • Call for Nominations to the CREW Network Board begins on April 1.  Any member may nominate someone or self -nominate.  
  • Encourage your CEO to sign the CREW Network Pledge for Action
  • Donate Now to the We’ve Got Your Back campaign! This CREW Network Foundation campaign is an opportunity to support the scholarship fund and other Foundation programs in honor of a fellow CREW member or in honor of a person who helped you in your career.
  • In the fall, apply to serve on a Network Committee. Applications launch in September.

Do you want to learn more about how you can engage with CREW Network? Did you know we have a local CREW DC committee focused on the priorities and programs of CREW Network and CREW Foundation? Reach out to either one of us at any time to learn more—it’s a terrific way to be involved locally in the global priorities of CREW Network.  

Winter Leadership Summit 
Ten CREW DC members attended the Summit to make the most of chapter leadership skills training, professional development, and networking. Members from our region’s CREW Network Capital Chapters (DC, Suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Baltimore) kicked off the event with a dinner Wednesday night where we talked a lot about how to do more together and continue to serve our specific chapters. It was a lively, engaging, and fun night out. Thursday started bright and early with Speed Networking, a great way to get to know people from across the country and reconnect with old friends. 

We then participated in a thought-provoking session led by Monique Valcour, PhD PCC, an Executive Coach and Professional Trainer. She presented the four components of a sustainable career and showed how our career anchors can help us make decisions along our career path. Monique asked us what we are not willing to give up when making career choices. For some people it was lifestyle, for others it was entrepreneurship. Understanding and identifying what’s most important to you, helps you negotiate and make decisions that serve your goals. Monique also challenged us to reach out to former and current colleagues and ask them, “What was a time when I was at my best, and why?” These nuggets of information help us take positive steps in our careers.

On Thursday there were two more opportunities for networking: Lunch Arounds and Dine Arounds.  For anyone who can attend Leadership Summits or Convention in person, they are not to be missed. These mealtimes are by far the most impactful way to meet and really get to know other members—and build your community of support throughout CREW.

On Friday, Kimberley Lewis Parsons, Chief Learning Officer at Corentas, led us through an interactive exercise to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our teams. This tool can be applied to work, committees we service on, or even the Board. According to Kimberly, the six most common reasons leaders struggle are:

  1. Misalignment to the common purpose
  2. Inability to flex leadership style
  3. Unclear roles and responsibilities
  4. Ineffective decision making
  5. Contagion of a low state of mind and low or negative energy
  6. Fuzzy agreements and commitments

And finally, CREW Network made changes to its Bylaws to be more inclusive, as well as adopting the Global Organization terminology in all its materials. CREW Network chapters span the world and Our CREW is for ALL women in commercial real estate!  

We’re happy to talk to you about our experiences and the ways we’ve benefited from CREW Network engagement. We hope to see you soon at an in-person event. With our best wishes for a happy Spring,

email: Miriam Brodie 
email: Kelli Dickerson