President’s Message

November 4, 2022

Congratulate our Incoming and Continuing Leaders

I’d like to personally thank CREW DC’s Immediate Past President, Tabitha Brittain for chairing the Nominating Committee in 2022.  She led a talented group of members through the difficult process of deciding among nearly 30 nominees for five positions.  They did great work balancing the needs of the organization and our goal to maintain a Board that is diverse along multiple dimensions to best serve YOU – our members, sponsors, and stakeholders.

The 2022 Board Nominating Committee:
Tabitha Brittain – Quadrangle
Miriam Brodie – Kimley-Horn
Heba Bella – Cooper Carry
Zeena Fangman – HITT Contracting
Wendy Feldman Block – Savills
Megan Hottel-Cox – Goulston & Storrs
Byrdy Kelley – Melan Property Management 

It gives me great pleasure to announce that CREW DC members voted to approve the Board slate put forward by the nominating committee in September and I’m proud to introduce these women to you.  These remarkable professionals are joining our vibrant board to lead CREW DC in 2023.  We have a unified vision and voice for CREW’s members, sponsors, stakeholders, and all women in the commercial real estate industry.

2023 Incoming Board Members



Continuing their leadership roles on the Board in 2023 are:


Recognizing how much each of these women brings to CREW DC and to our industry, I pause to consider where we’d be without them. Research studies and news reports  highlight the pandemic’s negative impact on women’s employment, with women losing more jobs than men and returning to the workforce at a much slower rate. These findings are even more pronounced for women of color, and female caregivers.  CREW Network’s research has shown the pandemic erased more than three decades of women’s employment gains in the US alone.

Even before the pandemic, there were significant gender and racial gaps in compensation and advancement opportunities.  As companies struggle to attract and retain talent, we must be deliberate about the policies we are creating to reduce the inequalities exacerbated during the pandemic.

Learning to live with and through a pandemic and standing up against racism has made us stronger and more resilient. CREW has learned lessons about who we are, what our strengths are, and who we can rely on.  We know we can rely on ourselves and each other.  Our collective strength will propel us into the future well equipped to lead.

And as for leading - don’t wait for there to be an “opening”.  Creatively think about how to bring more seats to the table and use all the talent you can find.  If you’re a woman in leadership, identify roles, tasks, or projects you can share with another woman.  If you’re seeking a leadership role, propose ways you can share or assume responsibilities to grow your visibility and exercise leadership muscles.

You can join Our CREW to be part of the change needed in our industry.  Change leads to opportunities and opportunities to progress.  

We possess skill sets that are highly valued by employers right now – we are good communicators; we nurture relationships; we build and value trust.  It’s only natural women should lead through this transition to a different way of working.  We have a real opportunity to create the kind of diverse workforce we know leads to better results.  We can lead to what’s next.  CREW is not ‘going back’ – we are going forward!

A strong woman stands up for herself,
A stronger woman stands up for everyone else.

Stephanie Duncan - CREW DC President 
Chief Operating Officer, Stonebridge