President’s Message

January 12, 2023
Written by: Miriam Brodie – 2023 CREW DC President

Think CREW First for Business

During the last year, I’ve received countless questions from CREW DC members asking if I was ready to lead CREW DC as president or if I decided what my theme for 2023 would be. Many have offered words of wisdom and said to call them if I needed anything. That’s what I love so much about CREW DC. The willingness of members to help each other out. 

Leading the largest chapter in CREW Network might seem scary to some, but I’m lucky to be surrounded by dedicated and talented commercial real estate executives who volunteered to serve on the board, chair a committee, or plan an event. 

CREW members are passionate about seeing each other succeed. For the last few years, CREW DC focused on raising up each other’s voices and being a welcoming and inclusive organization. In 2023, we will continue to work on those priorities and weave them into our new theme, “Think CREW First for Business.” 

We are going back to the basics because when you are intentional about activating the power of CREW and bringing CREW members to the table, everyone has an opportunity to shine and excel. Throughout the year, we will share our CREW stories and celebrate how members thought CREW First by including another CREW member on their team. 

I’d like to share one of my stories with you here. CREW has made a huge impact on my personal success. I have taken advantage of local and national professional development classes, made cold calls to members when I’ve needed help, and set up client meetings to introduce my Kimley-Horn partners to some of the top decision-makers in CREW.

One of the first national meetings I set up through my CREW connections was with Karen Hurd, Vice President, National Business Development, AEI. When we first met in 2017, she was with SVN International Corp. 

Karen told me she was only meeting with Kimley-Horn because I was a member of CREW. We learned a little bit about each other’s businesses, and then started talking about CREW. Karen is the reason why I enrolled in the 2018 CREW Network Leadership Certificate program. We did it together. It was a powerful experience to learn and connect with my cohort in CREW.

Karen and I went from total strangers to close friends, and now I’m proud to say intentional partners for business. We look for ways to bring each other into deals and opportunities. Our firms are working together and sharing leads whenever possible. Kimley-Horn has a new national client because Karen and AEI thought CREW first. THIS is the power of CREW. 

Miriam Brodie and Karen Hurd at CREW Network Convention in 2022. They continue doing business together since forging their CREW Connection in 2017.
Miriam Brodie and Karen Hurd at CREW Network Convention in 2022. They continue doing business together since forging their CREW Connection in 2017.

As CREW DC’s leader, I want to see CREW work for you. One of our initiatives is asking members what’s most important and implementing changes to meet your needs. In November, we asked you about when and how you prefer to meet. The clearest preference is to be back in person, usually Tuesday through Thursday. You’ll see nearly everything in person in 2023 and events focused mid-week. I look forward to seeing you IRL (in real life) soon. Be on the lookout for another survey early this year—please respond. The more we hear from our members, the better job we can do serving your needs.

When you attend an event, be sure to ask people what they’re working on. Find out their needs. Make a connection to activate the power you can access by being part of this organization. You can literally kick-off the year right, by joining us on January 12 for a Fitness Fundraiser Bootcamp at VIDA Fitness. Proceeds go to CREW Network Foundation Scholarships.

If you’re like me, and you would rather sweat in the privacy of your home, join us for a Coffee with your CREW meet up on January 17 at Tatte Bakery & Café for an afternoon pick me up. It’s the perfect time to connect with other members.

Don’t miss the CNCC State of the Market on February 1 at the National Landing Experience Center. This annual four-chapter collaborative event is hosted by CREW Northern Virginia and features experts from Tishman Speyer, CBRE, JBG Smith, and Carr Properties to get you the essential information you need about our metro area market. Early Members-Only pricing is in effect now!

As a CREW member, you have access to the global member directory to find people, companies, and resources that help accelerate your success. Use CREWbiz to find other members you want to meet. Call me or someone on the board if you’re not sure how to get started.

I look forward to meeting as many members as possible this year. I want to learn your CREW stories and help you start to write them. Together, we will accelerate the success of women in commercial real estate, celebrate our achievements, and create amazing spaces for the DC region.

Miriam Brodie – 2023 CREW DC President
Vice President, Kimley-Horn