President’s Message

February 6, 2023
Written by: Miriam Brodie – 2023 CREW DC President
CREW DC members at the 2023 Winter Leadership Summit: Jeanette Flory-Sagan, Karen Whitt, Miriam Brodie, Kelli Dickerson, Bonnie DaSilva

Engagement Equals Success

I always leave CREW Network Summit’s with excitement and energy to apply lessons learned and creative ideas to the programs and events we are hosting at CREW DC. So, it was great to kick-off the year with Network President, Alyssa Dangler’s (Partner at Williams Mullen) call to action to get back to the basics. If you haven’t seen her video, I suggest you check it out.

CREW DC’s theme, Think CREW First for Business, aligns with CREW Network. As we focus on working together, celebrating each other, and lifting-up disadvantaged groups in commercial real estate, we are focused on our business roots. 

However, our success starts with member engagement. That is why we spent the first few weeks of 2023 focused on member-only events. We wanted to give our DC CREW time to reconnect in person to learn each other’s stories and find ways to be intentional about working together.

I truly believe what you get is the direct result of the effort you put in. For instance, I recently gave a presentation to Kimley-Horn’s Women Leadership Group about Creating Your Path to Success. I found in almost every slide I was talking about my experiences with CREW and how I learned a certain skill or had a particular opportunity because I was actively engaged.

Looking back, I realize both my company and I have benefitted from my involvement with CREW. I’ve taken the professional development lessons learned and incorporated them into trainings for our teams. I have used the DE&I playbook and integrated best practices. And I have thought CREW first and won and partnered with other CREW members to do business. 

But success doesn’t happen overnight. It starts with showing up to events, getting to know other members, joining a committee, putting together a program, and perhaps one day taking a leadership role. Everyone’s experience is going to be different, and you don’t have to be president to be engaged and get something of value from CREW. You just have to show up.

We have monthly Member Meet Ups on Zoom to get to know other members before you show up to a live event. Find a friend, and plan to go to something together. If you’re looking for something intimate, check out Coffee with your CREW. Both events are a great way to connect with each other, share your CREW story, and find out what CREW can do for you. It’s a fun, easy way to connect and learn.

Check out our website for upcoming events, a description of our committees, and then reach out to any Committee Chair, Board Member, or Kathy Allgier to get some help figuring out what matches your interests.

And for those members who have not yet renewed your membership for 2023—it’s easy! Just click this link and pay online. CREW Memberships expire at the end of every calendar year—and our grace period is about to end. Don’t lose your opportunity to connect with your CREW.

CREW truly changed my life. I would love to see our members get similar results. I’m happy to talk to you about how you can get the most out of your membership with CREW DC.

Miriam Brodie – 2023 CREW DC President

Miriam Brodie – 2023 CREW DC President
Vice President, Kimley-Horn