High Performance Negotiation Skills for Women

Date February 23, 2021
Location Zoom
Time 1 - 2:30 PM (EST)

Take Your Place at the Table

This workshop examines negotiations in the business world and explores how women and men behave and ultimately perform at the negotiation table, whether in person or virtually. You will explore behavioral differences in initiating negotiations, making opening offers, and settling upon terms. The improvement part of the workshop focuses on:

  1. How women can build confidence in their negotiations
  2. How they can best leverage influence and power in negotiations
  3. How to do this in a way that strengthens and solidifies the business relationship
Workshop topics include:
  • Men, women and negotiation — separating fact from fiction; leveling the playing field; best practices for enhancing personal and business outcomes at the (virtual) negotiation table
  • Preparation — how to prepare for negotiations, establish your goals, set an optimal target point, assess your alternatives, develop a BATNA, set a reservation point (walk-away point)
  • Setting the stage — recognizing negotiation opportunities; “asking” instead of “waiting”
  • Conducting the negotiation — should you make the first offer?; how to open, what to reveal, what to conceal, separate positions from interests, and how to deal with “backlash”
  • Win-win negotiation — how to create and develop value-added agreements by creatively working with differences, identify pain points, opportunities, and value drivers, etc.
  • Increasing your value — how to negotiate from a position of weakness and leverage your position
  • Improving relationships and trust — how to build trust with business partners; negotiate for the long-term; and protect your reputation
  • Increase negotiator confidence — examine your negotiation strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for working on specific areas and increase their confidence at the table
Registration details

Space is limited. Registration closes at midnight (Central) on Friday, Feb. 19.

An email to access the webinar will be sent to all registrants prior to the presentation. All registrants will receive a link to the recording following the webinar.

  • $79 USD – member
  • $179 USD – nonmember



Leigh Thompson, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Leigh Thompson, Ph.D., Northwestern University

Thompson is the J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations in the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. She is the director of the Kellogg Team and Group Research Center, the Leading High Impact Teams Executive program, High Performance Negotiation Skills Executive program and Negotiating in a Virtual World Executive online program, and co-director of the Constructive Collaboration Executive program and the Navigating Work Place Conflict Executive program.