Leading with Learning


CREW DC: Leading with Learning

What is Leading With Learning in 2023?

A program of 2 books read together over 12 months, supported by 2 meetings per book to explore and connect the challenges of racism with the history and reality of commercial real estate.  

Reading circles are open to CREW members and to non-member employees of sponsor companies, providing trust-based spaces for learning, discussion and relationship building.

Flexible opportunities to engage - once or many times

2 carefully chosen books 

Join for the books that meet your interest and schedule

Gain training and experience as a small group leader

In-Person & Virtual gatherings to build relationships and share ideas

Facilitated discussions 

Curated readers' guides and study tools
Trained group leads

Join at any point on your anti-racism journey

Gain knowledge and tools to move to action: in yourself, in your company, and in your community

A commitment to move forward, not a judgment of where you start



Whenever possible, books will be purchased through Bookshop.org to allow local/minority owned businesses to benefit. 


The Curriculum

As Leading with Learning moves into it's third year, we have chosen two books that maintain our commitment to education about the history and current realities of race, and provide guidance on how to operationalize change.  Through reading, in-person gatherings, and online conversations, we are committed to centering equity in our programming.  We begin with Heather McGee's "The Sum of Us".  McGhee's book challenges us to shift from viewing race in contemporary America as a zero-sum game with winners and losers.  Instead, she outlines the Solidarity Dividend gained from working together across race for shared benefit.  Our second book is Barbara Adams' "Women, Minorities, and Other Extraordinary People."  Adams looks beyond diversity initiatives to corporate values and culture, exploring how we need to opeate to create sustainable, effective, diverse organizations.  

In 2022 we chose books that built a strong understanding of both the legal foundations of segregation in land use and real estate, and the cultural implications and assumptions that continue to this day (The Color of Law and The Address Book); a book that looks at the often-unequal human impact of real estate law (Evicted); and a book that ties together the environment and science through the lens of Native American peoples (Braiding Sweetgrass). 

In 2021, we explored the richness of Black experience, and the importance of storytelling in understanding human experience.  We balanced non-fiction, fiction, and memoir; amplified the voices of Black female writers; and allowed each member to be met at their place on the journey, while moving every participant towards a place of greater understanding.

Click here for a short list of Leading With Learning program resources.

How do I take part?

1. Register for the book of your choice

Registration will be separate for each book, allowing participants to join as their schedule allows. The fee ($50) includes the book and reader's guide (shipped to you) as well as an invitation to two meetings.

One meeting will be a morning session, the other an afternoon session. The sessions are about a month apart and have different prompts. Participants can attend both, either, or neither.


2 Register as a small group facilitator (optional)

Monthly meetings will include small-group breakouts, facilitated by a trained leader.  Would you like to learn new skills and hold space for these important conversations? To sign up as a facilitator, email kathyallgier@crewdc.org.

3 Read, learn, engage, make change!

Read and learn, join one or both of two discussion sessions to explore and connect, use what you've learned to give you knowledge and courage for change.

4 Repeat as desired

You can participate year-round (2 books) or dip in and out based on your schedules and interests.

For more information contact Kathy Allgier, Executive Director